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  • Gem of the Week: Bullet
    Optimizing Database Queries in Rails With Eager Loading and Bullet


    A problem I’ve run into before when creating reporting or searching/filtering functionality (or potentially any feature in any project) is making sure I have my eager loading on point. Despite best efforts, something always slips through at some point, which can impact the performance of your app. Enter Bullet. A neat little gem that very quickly […]

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  • Utilizing Maintenance Mode In Your Web App To Handle Your Ups & Downs
    Maintenance Mode Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

    maintenance mode

    We’ve all been in situations where we’d like to enable maintenance mode while we send out some new features or while we update data on production servers, but it’s not always straightforward. In order to streamline this process it’s good to have a couple of methodologies on hand to help ease things along and today […]