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  • Intermittent Spikes in Production from NodeJS in Your Rails Application
    Configuring your assets.rb file to automatically precompile all assets in the assets directory

    If you’re using NodeJs as your asset compiler in production for a Rails app, you may notice intermittent spikes in CPU usage. We noticed this with our case management software platform, OpenCaseware. We would deploy code to production and see spikes in CPU usage from NodeJS. The culprit turned out to be a few flaws […]

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  • Gem of the Week – Faker
    Use the Faker Gem to Make High Quality, High Volume Fake Data for Testing and Development

    Faker Gem

    In almost every system we build, the first version of a feature involves getting the functional specs right, and the second version usually involves some kind of optimization.  You might build a dashboard and create 3 or 4 records by hand to make sure everything works.  But when it comes time to test and optimize, you […]